Backup Services
Single Backup $20 per computer
Automatic Backup Setup $60 per computer

It is very important to backup your data to prevent loss. Anything could happen to your data. Your hard drive could fail, your computer could be stolen, your system could even be infected with viruses that will corrupted or delete your data. A backup of your data ensures that even if any of these things were to happen you will have a safely kept device with your saved data on it. We recommend backing up home and personal data at least once every month onto at least two different devices seperate from your computer system. For businesses we recommend backing up all data onto at least three different devices and at least once a day. We also recommend if possible, that all three backup devices be kept at different locations if possible.

Automatic data backup can be set up to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. We recommend businesses setup an automatic backup routine on all server systems, and we can help you do that.