Computer Repair

Computer systems may need to be repaired at some point. After a thorough diagnostic on the system, the appropriate or desired repair service will be assigned to the system.

Some repair services include

Hardware Installation ($20 to $75)
Includes installing or removing any piece of hardware in a computer system. Normally this price is $20 but can range up to $50 and $75 for systems that require to be disassembled completely to install or remove the hardware.

Software configuration ($50 to $100)
Software configuration will be necessary if your operating system, or system software is not working properly. Software configuration includes modifying system or programs settings and repairing operating systems or programs.

Operating System Install ($100 to $300)
An operating system is software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals. At some point it may be necessary to install or reinstall an operating system on a computer. This may be due to corruption, viruses, hardware replacement or the building of a new system. Prices for installation will vary based on the operating system that needs to be installed.

MAC operating systems ($150)
Windows Vista / 7 / 8 ($200)
Windows XP ($350)
Windows Server 2003 / 2008 ($300)
Linux Operating systems ($100)

Installation of operating system includes all necessary software drivers and profiles, proper configuration of system settings, and all critical updates.

Laptop Screen Replacement ($50 to $100)
Cracked or malfunctional laptop screens will need to be replaced. Replacement for a laptop screen is generally $50 unless the system must be completely disassembled to replace the screen, in which case the replacement could range up to $100. This quote is for labor only and does not include the price of the screen itself.

Laptop Disassembly ($50 to $100)
If a laptop needs to be completely disassembled for a repair, an extra $50 to $100 charge will be added. This charge depends on the system that needs to be disassembled. Most systems will only be $50 for disassembly, very few systems will cost more than $50 This service also includes reassembly of the laptop.

Power Jack Replacement ($50)
If the broken power jack can be repaired there is no need for a new power jack. If the power jack can not be repaired a new one will be required. The cost of the new power jack will vary depending on the system. The cost for installation of a new power jack is $50. This services does not include disassembly of the laptop which is a separate fee.