Professional Webdesign
A lot of people ask me, "how can I get more clients to discover my great business?" Well the answer is very simple, "advertise". Then they respond with something along the lines of "but I do advertise!". Then I ask them if they have a website, usually the answer is an obvious no. The math is simple, businesses with a professional website will be seen by more people and will receive more clients.
What would be the first thing you would do if you were looking for a particular product or service in your local area? You would probably sit down at a computer or pull out your smart phone and do a google search for that product or service. Well, that's exactly what your potential future clients will do and without a website, those people who could be your clients, will not be able to find you or even know you exist. Now imagine, if every single person who did a google search in your area for your particular product or service was able to click on your website.

So as you can see, having a website is the best way for your potential future clients to discover your business!

Websites can be custom made, which means they can look like anything you can imagine. Color, size shape, content, it's all up to you because it's your website.
An example of a website designed built by
KDN Technical IT Solutions
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Below are some examples of websites we have designed or are currently working on.
(please note that some of these websites are still under construction and may have links that do not work for the time being)

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More sites will be added as our clientele grows
MMPBCCG, The official site of the Mega Man Power Battles card game.
Queen Emma Gardens is a property in Hawaii owned by Hawaiian Island Homes.
My Imagine Landscaping is an great landscaping business located in Arizona.
This photographer has amazing art and a great gallery! Definately worth checking out
Threat Omega is a site that reveals a
new game currently in development
PC Wizards is a Computer Repair business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Worried that people may not have time to access your site on the computer and would prefer to use their mobile device? No problem! We now build custom mobile compatible versions of websites! Now you can have all the tools you need!
ABQ Leak Locator employs state of the art techniques to find leaks in any pipes.
Burgess and Porter Law is a team of legal professionals you can trust!
Landscapers of Enchantment is an amazing landscaping company in Albuqueuque!
Big Game Jerky USA specialized in
exotic and big game jerky products!
Paula Rodriguez Insurance is the smartest way to shop for insurance!
Leisa Richards Law Office is a great
team of expert legal individuals.
Aldea House is Luxury Assisted Living, specializing in the care of your loved ones.
American Live Riot is a website that is currently under construction.